I’ve moved one more time.

last move, I swear:




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On Driving

There was a car accident once, about seven years ago. 

 I was in the backseat and I ‘ll never forget the force of the crash.  Or the way I was tossed around.

I’ll never forget the screams, or the way the car spun, or the moment I looked down at my body and realized I was hurt.

And then there was the ambulance.  And the five days in the hospital.  And the surgery.  And the six inch scar.


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I used to write

very day.  And then I stopped.

I’m not sure what brought on this lack of creativity.  It might be due to the weather, or to the iron deficiency I suspect I have, which leaves me feeling exhausted. It might be because I’m bored with my surroundings and in need of a vacation.

Or maybe it’s all of these things combined.

Or maybe it’s none of them.


I once had writer’s block for a year and a half. This particular bout has been easier to handle, lasting only four weeks.  I think it’s going away. Take this post, for example. It’s a tad awkward and by no means Shakespeare but at least I’m stringing sentences together.


This is my blog and I’m here to stay. Promise.  I’ve been bouncing around a lot lately, from livejournal to thisisby.us to triond, but no more. I’m here now and I’m not moving again any time soon.

New readers – welcome.

Besos to those who have been following me around the web.

I heart you.

[photo courtesy of andrew weld]

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