On Driving

April 1, 2008 at 1:42 am Leave a comment

There was a car accident once, about seven years ago. 

 I was in the backseat and I ‘ll never forget the force of the crash.  Or the way I was tossed around.

I’ll never forget the screams, or the way the car spun, or the moment I looked down at my body and realized I was hurt.

And then there was the ambulance.  And the five days in the hospital.  And the surgery.  And the six inch scar.

(I don’t like talking about my scar).

All things considered, the accident was relatively minor…

but I am still afriad.

Driving alone is a piece of cake but I’m afraid to have passengers with me.   With passengers I morph into this strange, insecure, inexperienced person.  I make silly mistakes, I am honked at, and I hesitate.

Now that I’ve seen my own bones break and have felt the impact of a crash, I know that accidents can and do happen.   And if one ever happens to me again, I don’t want you in the car with me.

I don’t want to hurt you.

I hope to grow out of this at some point, but until then, consider yourself forewarned.  If you ever find yourself in my car remember to take a deep breath, buckle up,

and wear a helmet, of course.

[photo courtesy of martinos79 ]


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